2021 Pakistan Independence day flag hoisting ceremony

Welcome to the 2021 Pakistan Independence day flag hoisting ceremony. Pakistan Independence Day on August 14 could be considered a double day of liberation. Muslim Indians also fought to be free of British rule and later re-armed to battle for their own nation-state, present day Pakistan — once part of the Indian subcontinent. After the British put down the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the Crown assumed full control during the British Raj period. This lasted until Pakistan’s independence in 1947. The Mountbatten Plan split Pakistan (comprised of West and East Pakistan) from India, creating an independent Muslim nation. In 1971, East Pakistan gained its own independence, becoming known as Bangladesh. Today, West Pakistan is known simply as Pakistan.

The main Independence Day ceremony ceremony is organized in Islamabad, where the national flag is hoisted at the Parliament and Presidency buildings. This is follow up by the national anthem and widely circulated and televised speeches by the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan. We follow same protocol at the High Commission of Pakistan in Abuja, Nigeria. 2021 marks the 72th Independence Day for the country.

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